Honey, I’m Home…

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It started the first time we visited the California desert. The landscape was vast and surreal, like looking at the moon while breathing in the dry air and feeling the sand lashing our skin. It made us feel small, made us realize the time we had on this ever-changing planet was brief, and that we wanted to do something significant – make music that meant something.

Back in Atlanta, we felt like we were born in the wrong decade, out of step with modern life and modern music – maybe even on the wrong planet. We felt like outsiders. We wanted to create something that took us back to standing in that desert and made us feel like we belonged.

We started obsessing over obscure 60’s psychedelic music, watching old Woodstock documentaries, reading Kerouac and beat poetry, digging through crates of used vinyl, learning all The Rolling Stones’ grooves, and jamming late into the night under softly glowing string lights and the Georgia moon. Our meandering, lengthy jams and shorter songs began to interweave and create a world unique to us – somewhere between the past and now. It felt like we were finally home.

We decided to officially record these songs, so we gathered all the dusty, nearly broken, vintage gear we could find, looked towards the desert, plugged in, and started recording what would become our debut Stereo 45, “Your Psyche Is Showing.”

We feel grateful and excited to share these songs with you. We want to invite you into our world and hope you find a home here like we have. We’ll be posting often and hope you follow along as we continue down our path – wherever that may lead us…

If you’d like to experience the most recent milestone along our journey, click here to listen to our debut Stereo 45, “Your Psyche Is Showing.”

Thank you for being a listener and Generous Gods love you!

Peace and love,
Generous Gods

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