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“The music from Generous Gods is a hallucinatory, hook-laden musical vision for the new counter culture.” – From the Strait

“What first catches your attention with Generous Gods music is how seamlessly the production flirts between 60’s psychedelic and modern alt-rock.” – Alfitude

“I let myself be seduced by the rhythm, by the riffs that took me to the Middle East, and by the absolutely breathtaking bass line; it’s as innovative as it is classic.” – Phonograph Me

As one writer from Alfitude magazine said, “Generous Gods refreshingly encapsulate the grit and experimentation of 60’s psychedelic rock in an adventurous and ambitious way, while still sounding thrillingly future-forward.” If you’re a fan of the fuzzed-out psychedelia of The Chocolate Watchband, the incandescent horn sections of golden-era Stax recordings, or the early southern gothic mojo of The Rolling Stones, the music of Generous Gods is a must-have for your collection.

Their kaleidoscopic music has captured the attention of fans around the world and their allegorical lyrics and effortless delivery will take you on a psychedelic journey through the expansive landscape of the California desert.

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